Tube Inspection

A Wide Variety Of Options For Every Situation

Frasco recognizes that equipment malfunction or breakdown comes with an extremely high cost to your business. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of preventative tube inspection services. The method and approach that is appropriate for your business will depending on a variety of factors. Frasco offers a variety of different evaluation methods including:

  • Eddy Current
  • Near Field
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Liquid Penetrant
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Thermography
  • Borescope and Visual
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Remote Visual

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is often the most cost-effective and elegant solution.

Eddy Current Testing is a non-destructive cost-effective means of detecting surface flaws or hairline fractures that exist in conductive materials such as metal. Eddy Current Testing works with a bare minimum of preparation and doesn’t require the need to remove paint or other surface coatings. This makes it the perfect solution for many industries.

Because Eddy Current Testing is so portable and instantaneous it is perfect for on-site testing situations where results and feedback are required on a same-day basis.

Frasco partners with your business to ensure minimal downtime and the ongoing safe operation of your equipment. The end result is reduced downtime, maintenance expense and overall increased profitability of your operation.

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