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Kenholt readers, who don't know about twitter can raise your hands! Well, now we wanna share some ideas of office design and we really amaze with twitter office in San Fransisco. The office that located on Market Square is more like a house than an office. The art deco building that stands on market square in a long term & the business that brought by twitter has an intention to revitalize the spot that consist of 890,000 square feet of work place and 200,000 square feet of retail place.

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The office in San Fransisco already opened since 1937 and it has three floors which contains some awesome spot. This building has the canteen named @birdfeeder and it has a game room named larry lounge which taken from the founder of the twitters logo name.

You will see the bird relief on the floor and you can find it on the meeting room and the recreation space. This kind of design is a part of a branding method to let people know that twitter is a great company that worthed to be part of.

This office completed with yoga studio so the worker can work in calm and peaceful mind and the rooftops garden allow the people to breathe some fresh air.

You can find some room for the group work and it has a purpose to allow the workers share their ideas and get a fun brainstorming.

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