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I simply completed a Venti Latte at Starbucks, my 5th today. As I enjoyed my coffee and considered my next "save money grow rich" short article, it struck me like a lots of bricks that my coffee might be the topic of my short article. I began doing the mathematics on the latte in my hand; Three dollars and forty cents increased by 5 times a week increased by fifty 2 weeks. That's 8 hundred and forty dollars I'm investing a year on elegant coffee! If I conserved that money each year and invested with 5 percent interest, which is very simple to obtain, I might have sixty thousand dollars in thirty years. I'm investing sixty thousand dollars on a cup of coffee. I'm not even representing inflation which is going to make that latte expense over 8 dollars in the last 8 to 10 years of that thirty year duration. At 8 percent interest it would be one hundred and 10 thousand dollars. Yikes!

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What little things are you investing your money on? You may not consume expensive coffee, however I'll ensure you that there are other things you're investing your money on that can be cut from your budget plan. That money can be conserved, grown, and made use of to end up being rich or a minimum of retire easily. Just how much do you invest in mineral water, cigarettes, beer, and lotto tickets? You do not need to quit all your preferred vices ..., I suggest luxury products. Life is very uninteresting if all you do is save every cent, however it is a great idea to take a stock of exactly what you are investing, exactly what you can lose hope, and exactly what it deserves to you in future dollars.

Track your day-to-day costs for a week. Make a list of each of the expenditures and different them into the products that are definitely essential, like gas, and the products that are not essential, like the coffee.

Right here are some other locations that you can cut down and save:

- Eating out. Just eat in restaurants periodically and take your lunch to work.

- The mid afternoon sweet bar. Hey, it's excellent for your health too.

- Pre-packed benefit foods.

- Carry over charge card interest. Pay your charge card expense off month-to-month.

- Extra cable television channels.

You'll be remarkable how quickly you can create 2 hundred and fifty dollars a month that can be conserved. Making use of a cost savings calculator you can see that 2 hundred and fifty dollars conserved monthly for thirty years adds up to a great deal of money. Time to ditch the latte, save money, and get rich faster.


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