Winter 2014 ~ International Studies: Costa Rica

We spent our last full day in Costa Rica perfectly by going to the Caribbean coast. The drive took almost four hours, but driving that far to the beach is definitely worth the early morning wake up. The Caribbean differs in people and natural beauty. The people are darker skinned and many of them are more laid-back and free-spirited because of the close proximity to the ocean. If I lived so close to a beautiful beach, I would probably be calmer as well! The ocean is definitely a stress reliever. This area of the country is known for it's banana plantations. We could see them from the road on our whole drive.

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We stopped at an empty shore to take pictures, and our driver, a sweet, caring, and genuine man named Sergio, picked up some coconuts for us to drink. He even had extra straws in the mini-bus for us. Shortly after, we arrived at Cahuita National Park, where a beautiful beach is located. At the entrance, a man sold fresh fruit. As usual, the price was phenomenal. I ate almost two whole deliciously sweet and juicy pineapples! The beach was equally beautiful with a tropical forest right behind it, but the water was much livelier. Because of the waves, I noticed a few surfers. We spent our time at the beach, walking, reading, and simply enjoying the water. One aspect that I love about the beach is that we can do the simplest activities there, but they become the most relaxing and beautiful things I have ever done in my life. Like the other coast, monkeys swung from tree to tree. After retreating from the park, we walked around the little beach town. Cars drive around, but they drivers are much more cautious than in the city. Many people ride from place to place by bicycle. Stray dogs wander from neighborhood to neighborhood, but they appear happy and well fed. Many small and eclectic stores carry touristy items and souvenirs. The songs of Bob Marley can be heard from stores or from the radios of cars. Even walking on the street, calmness washed over me. In tiny towns like these, walking becomes strolling. People drink slower, bike slower, eat slower, and life is much more relaxed and carefree. When I hopefully return to Costa Rica one day, I can imagine renting a cheap motel room for a week and lying on the beach every single day.


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