When I go away on vacation, I usually call a cat sitter to check in on...

When I go away on vacation, I usually call a cat sitter to check in on Wendy and feed her and socialize with her and play Scrabble with her, but still, Wendy gets lonely, and when I return, she trails me around and won't leave my side for days. Mew, she says. Why did you leave me? Are you going to leave again? Its terribly sad, but it works. It is very similar to my long distance relationship we like each other better because we never see each other. Today I was out of the house for many hours, and so when I got home, Wendy came right up to me and rubbed her face on my face, like she was my exfoliant. She would never do this on a day when I was home all day. Instead she would snooze in the sunlit patch on her favorite chair, or glower at me while scratching up the carpet.

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The best, though, is in the mornings, when I have generally left her alone for a solid eight hours. She sleeps at the bottom corner of my bed, sometimes in an sleep-alert leonine pose, sometimes sprawled tummy-up, eyes glazed, but then as soon as I wake up, she wakes up, and then I say, Wendy! and she comes running to sit near my head, even if she seems still half-asleep. She waits for her instructions like a robot maid. I think it is a sign of loyalty that she does not descend to the kitchen for breakfast before I do, but I also think it's a sign that my strategies are working.

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