FRASCO strives to be a leader in all aspects of industrial inspections.
Featuring a team of skilled certified personnel who are available 24/7 to safely execute any project.
Our goal is offer solutions to increase reliability, productivity, safety and ensure asset integrity.


• Eddy Current
• Near Field
• Magnetic Particle
• Liquid Penetrant
• Ultra Sonic
• Thermography
• Borescope and Visual
• Positive Material Identification
• Remote Visual

Tube Inspection

• Chiller
• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Coolers
• Heat Exchangers
• Fin Fans
• Boiler

Asset Integrity QA/QC

• Weld Testing and Inspection
• API Boiler and Pressure Vessel
• Storage Tanks
• Piping Systems
• Visual Inspection
• Third Party Verification
• Audit Services
• Dimensional
• Turnaround Services

Lifting Equipment

• Certification
• Wire Rope
• Fork Lifts
• Gantry Cranes
• Cranes and Components
• Work Station Cranes

Our Team

We offer inspection solutions on a local, domestic and
international level. Our technicians and inspectors personnel are certified to:

CWB  CSA W178.2
API 510, 570, 653

Industries We Serve

• Energy
• Refining and Upgrading
• Power Generation
• Heating and Cooling
• Marine Applications
• Mining
• Welding

• Fabrication
• Offshore
• Pulp and Paper
• Maintenance and New Construction
• Environmental
• Crane and Lifting


To contact us, please fill out out the following form or you can
email us at

Phone: 1-902-431-5483
Fax: 1-902-481-1007

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