Anxiety and Depression

This often includes such things as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Lethargy, Stress and Stress-related problems such as difficulty in conceiving, sexual dysfunction, Crohn's Disease on occasions, insomnia etc.

If you think you suffer from anxiety, you probably have a sense that there is something inside you that is outside your control. You may even suffer a panic attack where you experience a shortness of breath, an increase in heart rate, perhaps sweating, a bit light headed, feeling hot or cold irrespective of where you are. Anxiety sufferers typically experience one or more of these symptoms. A previous little experience or emotion has been locked away and your subconscious reminds you of it by creating a panic attack. You may not consciously know exactly what your panic attack refers to.

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Hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problem.

Perhaps you are feeling very low or are severely fatigued. Depression, whether mild or severe, is always debilitating in the sense that you need help to find your way, to think clearly, to make decisions etc. It may also affect you physically by creating sleep disturbance, a lower sex drive, increased fatigue and a general disinterest in life. Like anxiety, it does not distinguish between age or gender and it is 40% more common among children who have grown up with a parent who is depressed.

Again, hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problem giving you the power to change.

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