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Do more blog posts equal more traffic on your blog. Sure, I do test this theory from time to time, more posts certainly do mean that I will receive more traffic to my blog, which is a great thing, right? Is it really?

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Before I go too much further, I am going to talk about Content. Content is a great thing, is it what brings people to our blogs, and encourages them to participate in what it is that we do, plus, it provides and answer to our visitors problems, or simply serves to entertain. Content will always determine in large part a variety of factors:

  • It will determine how active our user base is
  • It will determine the action that the visitor will take
  • It will set an impression upon you as the expert

Now, I want to divide traffic into two separate segments here. There is traffic that is just traffic or eyes as I like to call it, then there is traffic which converts due to how highly targeted it is. Now, what good is traffic that doesn't convert so well? It is good for eye value, and by that, I mean the number of eyes that are going to see that advertising that you are being paid 200$ per month to display on your site. That is not the kind of traffic that I like to attract to this blog in particular, but then again, that is what makes my business model unique. I like to convert targeted visitors rather than attract numerous eyes from a variety of sources. It is well known that a website receiving only a handful of uniques per month can generate more income than a blog receiving six figures worth of traffic.

Lets look at the metrics for a moment. A few weeks back, I conducted an interview with Kenny Goodman from Domain Face, and posted it on our Domain Name Investing Insights podcast. Instantly, this was picked up and promoted through social media, and instantly declared by the community as being valuable content. The site was swamped by highly targeted visitors who loved the interview so much that they took three actions:

  • Declared that the interview was a must watch on Twitter (which spread like wildfire!)
  • We received countless opt ins in as a direct result
  • Community interaction occurred

Now, for the past few minutes, I have been talking about content that is of a high quality and standard, and the results of providing this kind of content within a narrow niche. Sure, I don't post on my blog 4 times per day, and nor do I want to, because chances are that if I did that, I would burn myself out, and let's face it, there are only so many times that I can write about opt in optimization, buying and selling websites, and SEO before people get bored and start looking for the new expert in their field. On top of that, quality would sure be set to suffer as well, as I don't employ assistants to write content for my own blog for me. Not only that, but I don't have the need to write 4 posts a day on my narrow niche blog that receives under 2k highly targeted unique visitors a month. Traffic numbers are currently increasing for me on an average of 100% per month, which is well very nice to say the least.

But then again, I am talking about a narrow niche blog that has a highly targeted readership. What if you run a blog based around a very broad niche? How would frequent and fast content impact the traffic on that blog? Truth be told, if you are running a broad niche blog then chances are, traffic is going to be of more benefit to you, as:

  • There are many more people in your market who desire information
  • Traditional narrow niche monetization models are out the window (in part)
  • Paid advertising will be the easiest form of monetization to you

Frequent content in the case of a very broad niche blog is always going to play a very large part in gaining more readers. You will be seen as being a provider of frequent relevant content (which we all know plays a part in SEO), plus if you are sending this content out to all of the right channels, social buzz will be ablaze, and the rest is history.

In capping this off, I think I have a question that I need to answer, although I fear that the answer is going to make things more complex, so I will do my best to simplify it for you.

Narrow niche blogs work best with low traffic that converts extremely well, which amongst a variety of other things is done by drip feeding extremely high quality valuable content out over time that is of value to the community, in a manner that is not over powering, but gives enough thought space for the reader to make that decision to take your desired course of action.

Broad niche blogs thrive on high levels of traffic, thus, providing content hard and fast that covers all sub niches within will always work best in bringing in tons of traffic that can relate to the content. Not only that, but it serves well when it comes to being able to attract sponsors of your blog on those coveted advertising slots.

To cap off, I will quote:

I would not believe that it's a linear relationship, at least not for any serious length of time because there are definite ceilings to how many people are interested in a particular topic

I absolutely agree with this statement, and it further emphasizes the fact. Narrow niche blogs sell with less content that is particularly high quality and targeted to a particular avatar, broad niche blogs thrive off frequent and fast content that serves to fulfill a desire for information within that particular niche.

However, at the end of the day, it is not a simple metric of "x posts will give me x views, so let's multiply posts by x to bring in x more views". In most cases, it is about providing the right amount of content based on the size or your niche that will encourage community engagement, sharing, and ultimately, will guide your reader into taking that action, whether that is buying something, opting in to your list, or sharing the content.

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