Dog Training Crates

Many pet owners will at some point require their dog to stay in a crate at some time or another. For instance dog training crates can be used during transportation, or being kept secure in at home, or just for a spot to relax in and call their own!

The usage of dog training crates might be difficult at times, but this whole experience is made a lot worse if the owner doesn't take the appropriate approach. Nevertheless if this training and the dogs experience of being in the crate is constructive it can be very good, even for the most stubborn of dogs.

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Dog Training Crates some tips about how to do it right:

Make sure the crate is the right dimension for your dog, there are a number of sizes on the market. Dogs could like the crate because they want to sleep and snuggle into something small, making them really feel secure.

Your dog should be able to walk all around the crate comfortably, not be hunched and not need to stoop his head while within the crate; a crate that is too small is dangerous and painful.

Any effort put into using dog training crates will be pointless if the crate itself is so small that the dog is distressed or very uncomfortable whilst being in it. There's also the point that a crate that's too big might allow your canine to really feel insecure so don't get too carried away.

You must also give consideration to the dimensions of crate for your dog if your dog is still growing and developing. Nevertheless help is at hand, because most Pet Shops will allow you to take your dog along, they will be able to offer you help and advice selecting a crate and can assist in recommending a size for your dog.

Dog training crates must be used in way that isn't traumatizing to your dog, this is particularly necessary when first starting to get your dog used to the crate, it needs to be a positive experience. If you just force the dog inside and lock the door it will have a negative impact, and he will not really feel happy or comfortable in the crate.

When utilizing dog training crates you must be sure you give some thought to it and prepare the crate correctly, this will mean placing a comfortable bed and safe toys inside. Some breeders or trainers may also recommend you to put in one of your shirts that hasn't been washed, this gives the dog the reassurance of your scent with him whilst he is within the crate. You can also place the crate near to you during his crate training, this means he will not associate the crate with being alone or abandoned.

One other good tip for introducing dog training crates is to exercise your dog well during the day so give him a descent stroll or take him to the park and play with him for as long as appropriate, then if he is tired at night he is less likely to whine or cry when put into his crate. It will have the association too that the crate is for a good night's sleep and so will enjoy snuggling into it.

Dog crate training needn't be troublesome for dogs or owners, it's just like getting children used to going to bed and staying in it. You may well experience some crying, barking, and digging from your dog at first. However when using dog training crates if you make it a positive experience, have it prepared, make it comfy and inviting for your dog, and if you take the time to do it properly this will help it all to go much smoother.

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