Blogging for Business

Blogging. Its a term we're all familiar with and with more than152 million blogs accessible on the internet today, it's clear that they are an effective piece of online marketing. It is a statistical fact thata new blog is created online, somewhere around the world, every half second!By analyzing this statement, we realise that each hour is the equivalent to 3,600 seconds and there are, obviously, 24 hours each day which totals 86,400 seconds. To multiply this figure by two we reach 172,800 which means that this is the number of brand new, unique blogs added to the internet every single day!

Blogs are effective, if you're looking to attract attention online for whatever purpose then a blog can create this.Businesses who own and update their blogs, on a regular basis, generate 5 times more traffic (online interest) than businesses who are not blogging.A blog can help to influence a customer's purchasing decisions, this is down to many factors such as them not being 100% sales targeting and generally more interesting, and fun, to read. The majority of marketing campaigns target a specific audience, this isn't so with blogging. When you publish a blog online this can be shared, liked or commented on by anyone and once they have done this your blog is then showcased to their friends, if they like, share or comment it's shown to their friends and so on. What this means is thatblogging increases your online exposure in unmeasurable numbers.

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What do we know about Blogs?

Blogging first began in the late 1990s according to Wikipedia's History on the subject, but it didn't really take off until really quite recently when more people found the internet and it's features easily accessible. Blogging took off dramatically when the internet was available through mobile devices, meaning large bulky desktops weren't needed in order to search the net.The number of people now using mobile internet is: 7,181,858,619 and rising!The internet is a phenomenally powerful tool for a business; marketing, advertising, selling or promotions, and blogging is an imperative part of a companies success. Blogs are usually short in word count, no more than 500 words, which not only makes for easier reading but also means that their keyword density is heavier than standard articles. Their length will also encourage a reader to come back and see what else is new, this is why you should blog consistently. The Blog Economy speculate that more than6.7 million people are regular bloggers, also that the most popular blogging website in the US has more than 46 million unique visitors monthly blogs are part of online life, and one which you need to be looking at.

Blogging is an alternative to having a web presence, and a low cost one at that. Its a way to get your business out there without the need for hiring in designers or developers and learning many internet skills yourself such as web html, which means it saves you both on time and financial resources. An example of a brilliant resource tool for internet research is Research Buzz who provide advertising, information and newsletters frequently through blogging. MacroMedia is another company who utilise this well, they supply a customer service blog for both staff and users to share solutions in a fashion which is interactive yet organised.

When we consider the astronomical number of blogs there are, it's very clear that to have yours noticed it needs to stand out.

How to Use a Blog Well For Businesses

Blogging provides many ways to benefit your business, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions:According to Retailers Blog the average customer will not wait longer than ten minutes for a reply to a query. By incorporating Frequently Asked Questions and Answers into your blogs, customers won't have to wait as the information will already be there. This saves many customers contacting you directly with the same queries, making things more convenient for all involved.

Promotions:Promotions are all about communication, and should not be 100% focused on advertising. Their main objectives are to raise awareness of the existence of products and there should be a mix between advertising and encouragement. If a customer wanted to come to your website solely to make a purchase, they wouldn't be reading your blog so offer them something different than just sales targeting. Use your blog to highlight your promotions but not to make the entire blog focuses on them entirely.

Contests:Having contests in your blogs are a way to invite a potential customer back, regularly. Theyre a fun, not salesy way of maintaining interest in your company. Maybe offer small incentives, prizes or even a non prize competition of a leaderboard entry.

What's New:It can sometimes be difficult for a customer to find updates or new products so make it easy through a quick blog entry. You can also add what's coming up and provide a comments box so that you can see first-hand how your ideas go down with potential clients and judge what's gained interest and what hasnt.

The key thing is to remember to update your blog regularly, this could be daily, weekly or even monthly but the more you get into the habit of providing readers with something new, fun, interesting or different than the more visits you can expect and therefore the more sales!

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