You may notice that some of our blogposts are different from each other....

You may notice that some of our blogposts are different from each other. This is because this website is run by two sisters.

We are Lauren and Madisson, 21 and 16 years old. We are very different but have one thing in common; our interest in beauty and fashion.

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First I will tell about my older sister.

Lauren has always been very interested in the business world. When she was younger she always used to pretend like she was working in an office, and a couple years later she started studying business and languages at school. She has been interested in makeup and fashion as long as I can remember. She is very ambitious and a hard worker, if she wants something, she works very hard for it!We are completely different yet such an amazing match because we both have different thoughts and lifestyles but with this blog, it seems like we are the same person, we are always together when working on it and that fills me with joy knowing that we have such an amazing power together, which we can share on this website.

Oh stop it you.

Now I will describe you as short as possible my little sister. This feels very weird because I have never complimented her out loud. Let's give this a try though.

I was about 5 years old when she was born, and ever since everyone could notice her uncommonpersonality. She used to laugh since the first day of her life, almost every photo of her first week in this world is joined with a joyful smile. It we're these moments that made everyone delightedand tell that she would be an optimistic young lady and (already) a very lovely person.

Madisson could be compared to little flower who brings happiness and sincere smiles in everyones life. She is a little dreamer, loves poetry and art and won many competitions at school on these subjects. She loves fashion, is a good talker and writer, which is very handy when you are planning to make reviews. No one could make her do anything that does not fit in her list of moral values, and that's what I like so much about her.

I am very proud to have this little person as my sister, because no one could take her place and fulfil the empty space that she leaves when she's gone.

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