WHY are you following MY friends?

From time to time, I've heard/seen through social media, the conversation of, "Why are you following my friend?" At first, I was confused. But as the talk about it became strong at one point, I realized this is a REAL issue in these internet streets. Folks are very sensitive about you following people they know or are already friends with on twitter.

Really? O_O I'm not understanding what the deal is.

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This reminds me of being a child on the playground and no one playing with the new kid, because we don't know him. I may ruffle some feathers here, but that's how childish I think that entire situation is. Other than celebrities and companies I follow, most of the people I follow on twitter we're or still are readers of this blog. They have been through the transitioning from my first blog, to now, my third. I've shared my life with them, they've read my short stories as well as my poems and have given me advice throughout the years. I consider them friends as well as family, and I've met majority of them.

I don't mind sharing them with other folks, because, simply put, they don't belong to me. They have their own lives and sets of friends outside of the world of social media. I very rarely will request to follow anyone else they may know outside of mutual folks we have in common. When I do follow one of their friends, it's because I've seen their tweets, I think they are funny, cool peeps, etc., and I would like to interact with them. It's up to that person whether or not they will allow me to follow them. They indeed have that option.

For the most part, my social circle on twitter gets extended because friends of my followers request to follow me, which I think is cool as hell. I think along the lines of why I follow people and think maybe that's why they want to follow me. And I don't think anything of it at all.

When I see new follow requests, I first look to see if the person follows anyone I know. That will determine if I accept or not. I assume they have to be good people if they are following someone I know. I relish new followers. And if they want to follow someone I'm following, more power to them. I'm not possessive. I can share. LOL My friends are hella cool, so I understand why others would want to get to know them. No skin off my teeth. There's enough love to go around for everybody. No need to hold folks hostage. LOL

I'd like to hear YOUR opinions on this matter. Do YOU care if a twitter friend follows some of your OTHER followers? Is it that serious to you or does it NOT matter? What do you think of people having an issue with it?


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