Working with a non-profit...

I am currently working with a start-up non profit organization, H2knO with other Babson students, both current and graduated.

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Dehydration and consumption of sugar based beverages (SSBs) are a huge problem in today's youth. SSBs are one of the main causes of added sugar in the American diet which leads to type 2 diabetes. More than 1 in 3 Americans will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime.Studies have shown that approximately 2/3 of elementary and middle school students arrive at school already dehydrated. Dehydration negatively affect critical learning processes such as memory, attention span and cognitive abilities, all of which are crucial in the learning process.

H2knO works to increase hydration in youth through education and implementing hydration programs in Boston area schools. We are currently running a hydration program at The Epiphany School in Dorchester, Mathat includes distributing water bottles to the students, installing hydration stations, and a continual hydration education program.By providing students with adequate water access and educating them on the negative impact of dehydration, we are able to increase performance in the classroom, as well as help to form healthy living habits that can last a lifetime.

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