Blog Migrations: Migrating Websites To WordPress

Shifting your website to WordPress can be easy and basic, if you know how to do WordPress migrations. Depending on the contents and framework of your present-day website, wordpress migrations can be as simple as a few clicks, or a bit more difficult. Migrations from one platform to another, such as Hubspot to WordPress require more care.

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Step 1

The first {point|issue|matter} you need to establish is where to location the new site at the time of the development process. You can choose one of the two thing|issue|matter}s. You can install WordPress in it's own directory or on a separate domain.

Many people have a wrong perception about the process, because this migration is not all about transferring your present-day website into a free WordPress blog. This process is about how to export your present website or blog onto your own domain using WordPress. WordPress provides the free content administration method which will help you to run your website.

Step 2

Now after you have chosen the domain, it is the time to install WordPress. This process may vary a bit, depending on the hosting company. If you do not know much about WordPress, then it offers a 5-minute setup manual that will help you out. Moreover, some hosting companies have their own tools, which set it up automatically. Some other hosting companies may force you to make changes to a WordPress file.

Nevertheless, if you feel uncomfortable with code, it might be the best for you to find a hosting company that produces automatic installation.

Step 3

One of most interesting features of WordPress is that you can get varieties of concepts largely for free, but you need to be careful Although selecting a idea because it will define how much you will be able to change and to what extent these changes can be made. You can choose your desired theme from the WordPress idea directory or form other websites which provide premium quality WordPress concepts.

Step 4

Once you have completed installing the subject you have selected, you can stat customizing it. If you have doubts on your coding abilities then you can use many WordPress plugins to customize the concept.

Step 5

You can use a number of plugins to add functionality to your website that would give more professional features and contents. You can use Admin management Xtended plugin to make it simpler to execute common tasks in the admin area, or All in One SEO Pack plugin which will make your website more search-engine friendly, or other popular plugins like the Google XML Sitemaps, One Click Plugin Updater, Permalink Redirect, WordPress automated Upgrade, and so on.

Step 6

In the migration process you can transfer contents during the full process. This is doable because WordPress separates contents from the styles. You can fine-tune your styles and transfer contents in unison.

You can take the help of the built-in import feature that the WordPress has, which has made the process rather painless. This import service is very straightforward to use if you want to migrate from some other blogging technique. With the WordPress installed, you need to go to the tools menu in your dashboard where you will find the import option, now all you need to do is to click on the import option.

Step 7

If you have reached this stage, then you are almost done. Nonetheless, before you have made your website go live, you need to check and double check every{point|issue|matter} so that all the stage|issue|matter}s are searching and executeing the way you want.

Step 8

If you have completed all the above steps correctly, then you have successfully completed the migration, and now you can make your website go live. Once all these are done, you are ready to redirect your site to the new domain, if you have selected a independent domain, but this process may vary depending on your Web host.

Once the migration of your website is successfully done, it is a good idea to check some of the WordPress plug-ins which will perform different tasks efficiently for you and save your precious time.

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